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Tips for Choosing and Placing Lamps in Your Space

Lighting plays a vital role in enhancing the atmosphere of your living spaces. Floor lamps, desk lamps, and bedside lamps are versatile items that can illuminate and add style to your home. At Pottery Barn, we offer a wide range of options to help you make the perfect choice for your lighting needs. Here are some tips on selecting and placing these lamps effectively:
Floor Lamps
• Strategic Placement: Position the floor lamp in a strategic location, such as a dark corner or near a seating area. This will create a focal point and add depth to your space.
• Style Consideration: Choose a floor lamp that complements your decor, whether it's sleek and modern or traditional and elegant.
• Layered Lighting: Combine floor lamps with other light sources, like overhead lighting or table lamps, to create layered lighting that can be adjusted according to the mood and task at hand.
Desk Lamps
Effective Task Lighting: Position the desk lamp so that it illuminates your workspace evenly, reducing glare and eye strain. Adjustable lampshades or arms are great for directing light precisely where you need it.
• Cord Management: Keep cords organized and out of the way to maintain a clutter-free workspace. Cord clips or cable organizers can be helpful.
• Style and Size: Consider the size of your desk and the style of your workspace when choosing a desk lamp. It should complement your decor while providing adequate lighting.
Bedside Lamps
• Height Matters: Ensure that the height of your bedside lamp is appropriate for your nightstand. The lampshade should sit just above eye level when you're sitting in bed.
• Dimmable Options: Invest in bedside lamps with dimmer switches or smart bulbs. This allows you to adjust the lighting intensity for reading or creating a relaxing atmosphere before sleep.
• Matching or Contrasting: You can go for matching bedside lamps for a symmetrical look or mix and match different styles or colors to add visual interest to your bedroom.
By carefully considering placement, style, and purpose, you can seamlessly integrate Pottery Barn's floor, desk, and bedside lamps into your space, enhancing both functionality and ambiance. These lamps are essential additions to your decor, transforming your homes into well-lit, inviting spaces. Visit Pottery Barn to discover a variety of options that will suit your style and lighting needs perfectly.