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When choosing a bed, consider your preferences, space limitations, and storage needs first. From wooden frames to upholstered headboards, there's a bed that suits your home decor tastes. Pottery Barn is the ideal destination known for its top-notch quality and a wide variety of stylish furniture options. Go into our online selections for clear imagery, product specs, and convenient delivery.
Finding the ideal bed involves considering both size and style. Full or single beds are for one person or can accommodate two in a guest room. Queen-size beds comfortably fit one or two people, while king-size beds offer more space for two sleepers. After selecting the right size, decide on the style of bed that appeals to you. Wooden beds create a rustic or upscale ambiance, while upholstered beds offer a softer look. Metal bed frames work well in various settings.
Consider storage options like storage beds with drawers or platform beds with cubbies. Modular storage beds provide shelving and drawers integrated into the frame which provide you with the storage you need in addition to the style that suits the theme of the room.
Explore bedroom collections for a curated look where you can create a sense of cozy chaos with pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a place that precisely matches your personal taste.
What are you waiting for? Shop from Pottery Barn and find the perfect bed to upgrade your bedroom and make your dreams come true!